Bye Bye hot weather!!!

We left Napa and its brown water behind, but not before we had a great dinghy ride up the river to the city.

some sides of the river are bucolic

the other, is more the hard reality from before the wine industry moved in

One tender that will remain anonymous did get hold of a fishing rod rather unconventionally; we will let you imagine how.

The docking facilities are rather limited, but they told us the mud is therapeutic for the skin. No fine white sand just yet!!

After escaping the river under a radiant sunshine, we once again were in clearer water. By magic the temperature dropped and the fog made it’s comeback, it’s amazing the difference   climate makes in 10 miles. We reached the hospitable Richmond Yacht Club and understood better why they are always cited in The Bay Magazine when they talk about racing. This club is focused on one goal, have fun but be damn good racer. The pride and seriousness of the skippers are apparent, equipment is immaculate and the facility is driven by one goal, winning. We joined the crew for their last BBQ after their Beer Can Race Series. If only you could see the trophy and video, we are talking grandiose here.

10am week day already out for racing

Serious committee boat, equipped with a canon nose system equal to the Navy.

The next day was dedicated to lawyer talk and getting the last paperwork finalize for the business deal. In between all of this, Benjamin took me out for a walk and what better bonding than walking through an industrial zone that spurred during WWII?  We got a bit of a history lesson by reading all the signage around! On our return, while at my desk working (I know some sights don’t change), Emma and Benjamin surprised me with a beautiful cake. No, I didn’t see it coming even if I knew something was strange, for my dear son to volunteer to go walk earlier. The moment was disturbed by an emergency phone call that required immediate attention, sorry children I promise we will try harder next year to not have interference.

Everything had been organized and I have a sneaking suspicion that some BCA colleagues were involved, thank you all. I realize now that two years ago, my dear wife was not present either for this special day!! For the record my darling kids, not being able to organize themselves to save their old father’s hands, I did the dish washing for my Birthday!!! It’s just not fair…..


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  1. Dean & Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday Laurent!!! Lynn and I wish you all the best in celebrating your 29 year!!! or whatever anniversary of that birthday it is!!! lol… take care and good job Emma & Ben!!!

  2. Bravo! Emma and Ben, well done! I wouldn’t have done it any better!… xxoo Mumma
    But I was still the first one to wish you… haha <3

  3. Happy Birthday Laurent! So glad to hear that the children spoiled you! I enjoy reading about your adventures. Being on the water seems to agree with you. 🙂

  4. Thanks Shari, As soon as my dear Valerie will be back even better

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