Back on track in SF.

Let’s take the time, to share with you a few moments of our trip. Now that we are back to a semi normal state of mind, nobody roll their eyes please! Yes, we’ve been in bed and sleeping by 20.30 as if it’s normal behavior for the last 2 days.

Having the advice and reflection from an outside brain (meaning Tom) made the difference of a bad memory to an enjoyable trip. We got lucky and had sensible wind all the way, tucking in for the worth there has been a new system building pretty much on the entire west coast.

Here are a few numbers, so we can remember and for the analytic friends out there. You know, the ones that work for Software Companies or accounting. The total trip was 796.5 NM or about 1500Km. Our average speed was 5.2 knots or 9.6 Km/hr. The maximum wind speed was 29.7 Knots or 54 Km/Hr, and the average would be estimated for the first 5 days  at 6 knots and we had 25 knots for the last 12 hours. We had to run the engine more than we wanted but that’s the price for a good time.

Before we left everybody was asking, so what route are you taking? Close to the coast, midway or far? We always answered, the weather will dictate it for us. And guess what?! It did, the direction of the swell and wind made sure we stayed in shore. Going 25 miles max out, the traffic was light, with no crab traps and we quickly were back to the safety of a harbor in case of bad weather.

A fishing boat coming out of Newport, as we entered the fog, unfortunately it didn’t leave us for 2.5 days. We didn’t get to see the horizon and that’s not good on the stomach for some.

Safety first!!! See Valerie, even while wearing my bathrobe, I wore my life jacket! Yes, we took showers every day, spoiled we are.

Josh, that’s your bottle, we re-launched! Now, let’s see where it ends up.

The mandatory bird photo, okay they are not exotic ones but still we were 25 nm from shore. And you see that line in the back 100Lbs snapped right off a few hours later, thank you but no thanks.

The dolphins escorted us twice, for 20 minutes they came and graced us with their presence. You didn’t think you were going to escape that one either, did you?

So what else did we do at sea? Well, really we got the goodie bag Sharon gave us out and drew one each during the aperitif. This evening obviously the boys got Mardi Gras beads, thanks again Mustang Sally you definitely know what a cruiser needs.

So you may wonder what a 15 year old does without internet or ability to go out and get peer contact. Nothing much different than at home really, they sleep!

Finally deliverance from the sea, the lights of the city were here. A spectacular site, hard to capture in pixels but we tried our best. Surprisingly a boat sailing in is not the best platform for low light photography, weird!

This one depict rather accurately, what our brains felt like when we came down from the adrenaline rush of 12 hours of surfing the waves. The landing on the Sausalito Yacht club was rather lengthy, even more when strangers would tell us, “you look tired you should go and sleep…….”

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  1. It was a pleasure being your personnel weather and route planner, brought back memories of when we did that trip back in 2006.

  2. I think i have to stop reading nin here, i am haveing problem staying at work, (this has to be in Norwegian)
    “Eg e missunelige som bare pokker”

    Sail safe, and have fun.
    and 15 to go 🙂

    Geir ove

  3. and here is a link to one that is down there.

  4. Sorry we are a vegetarian boat for 75% of us LOL

  5. That what it’s all about, showing that anybody can do it…. Wait for the pension LOL

  6. Tom again thank you, your help was invaluable. No worry we will pick your brain again you will be armchair sailing again soon….

  7. Well Honey! Even with a bathrobe aaaaaannnnnd a lifeJacket on you are still too sexxxy for your boat!!

  8. Amazing what a few hundreds miles separation does to your vision LOL

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