The final touch, update..

My last prepper post was short and for a good reason, we were excited to share the crossing of the finishing line with you. In the mean time,a few milestone have been accomplish, 501 posts on this blog and less than a month before we make it to the Doer stage.

Now back to reality some of you would like to know a little more. What did we do during these last few weeks?

  1. We changed the batteries according to plan, and discovered that the rotten egg smell was in fact coming from one of the old ones which had developed a short. As a result we now have 4 PC1800-FT Odyssey for main bank, and also installed brand new AGM starting battery. At the same time we re-programmed the Solar panel controller to provide the near perfect charging profile.
  2. We held a garage sale and the rest went to the Salvation Army.
  3. We learn that my parents and nephews are in fact arriving 2 days ahead of schedule.
  4. And finally *V* spent three days of sewing nonstop. Results: sun shade for the cockpit, repaired sail bag and helm cover, re-stitched the Genoa and added new sacrificial Sunbrella.

Sweat shop it is?Well  not when you have to wear that kind of clothing

All around amazing! We couldn’t believe how fast the temperature drops once you are under the protection of the shade. I guess we just have to find the sun now..

We found the solution for the rigging T fitting, after going through France and Florida. We are still waiting for an answer from the manufacturer. Luckily, some marine trades are amazing like Julian Crisp from Sparmanusa  He went above the call of duty to help and find solution. Originally we got in contact via the Yahoo Lagoon owner group. Again thank you Julian, if only the boat and you would be closer.

Let’s go out and brave heavy wind, we should be ok. Not to worry it will be replaced before we go.

Finally, we took time to reconnected with our friends and shared some good laughs, experiences and dream a little altogether.

One final word, beware when a prepper invites you : You could be put to work in no time! This is precisely what happened to Carole for sewing advices and Pete for sending me up the mast to lock tide all set screws in the fuller assembly.

Now you’ve been told, come along at your own risk.

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  1. Geir Ove says:

    First class Battbank you now have, did it fit nicely under the bunk.
    have you gotten a better chager also ?
    And it looks like you are all ready.

  2. Yes the battery fit like a glove and left lots of space.

    We always had a “better” than the True 20Amp or original Dolphin. But the main one is the MPPT charger from the solar.Better ability to program it.

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