One week to GO… Le compte a rebours est en route!

A week from now we will be GONE, and on the move. How do we feel? What is left to do? What’s going on in our head? Let’s try to summarize it from the comfort of our couch.

Well! At this point none of us realizes what is around the corner, after such a busy month of August we just didn’t have time to think about it, really! We are all very aware of the fact that at some point tomorrow we will exchange the keys… but still it feels like normal! And true, we are and have been doing a lot of things for the last time, yet it still feels that we don’t realize the magnitude of the changes coming, and as a matter of fact we might just recognize it once we are more South.

To our credit though, our business is not sold yet, and one of us will have to comeback mid-September to wrap it up treating this trip as yearly vacation. And this is not our first ever move! We are used to moving away from places, saying good-bye to good friends and family, it seems like our brain processes the event as another move in our life, add to the fact that we are not really “retiring” and therefore we don’t have the stigma of retirement…

Let’s not forget we also had our family visiting, which kept us really busy. We had to entertain, and showcase our town, it didn’t leave much room to think and become nervous….. On the other hand we had to be super organized in July and get it all done! So we got our act together maybe a little earlier and avoiding the last minute shopping frenzy and headless chicken feel.

Now are we stressed or nervous? You bet we are, the signs are showing. But we are trying our best to positively deal with it. Some questions like: Did we forget something important? Is the boat ready? Are we ready? Will the business sell? And my favorite one, the one when you have to face adversity for the first time, or when you arrive in a brand new town with your newborn–> Why are we doing this? Of course those are in the back of our mind, but we’ve read enough blogs, talked and asked enough questions to cruisers. In the end we know that it’s not that hard, and once on the road the doubt will dissipate quickly and we will have to find a solution to any problem.

And to capture this philosophical corner, yesterday we did one more run to the boat and one to our friend’s house, we are moving out! We still have a few items to get, like the card for our chart plotter pass Mazatlan and some snorkeling gears for the family. But all in all, we feel we are prepared to the best of our ability and no stone have been left un-turned in the last 2 years. This leave us with a feeling of wellbeing on Letitgo, knowing that whatever happen we can attend to it with minimal outside resources.

Like our daughter, captured so nicely in the sky in the last few days. Do you see the bird or the weather system moving in?

This is in our mind the key to the success of this lifestyle, whatever happens we will adapt, we will have to roll with the flow at some point and enjoy the ride even when the picture is not that perfect. In one word we have to LETITGO.

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  1. I’ve often been told that once you leave and go cruising it can take months to settle into the new routine and truly actualize the lifestyle changes. I cannot wait to see how happy you will be as the process takes place. Love your writings.

  2. Thanks Tate we can’t wait either to find out LOL.

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