Family’s first visit on Letitgo

Recipe to get your family to recover from a 9 hour jet-lag? Easy.

  • Step 1 : Just grab them from the airport and bring them on board.
  • Step 2 : Tell them to sit back and relax.
  • Step 3 : Start the engines and leave the dock.
  • You get a 2 Days cruise on an island with kids in the water and time to reconnect with everybody.

All elements for success were around including some of the best weather we had so far this summer. The backdrop was just like we left it last week, our training program paid off we were ready for BBQ on the beach, s’mores were a success.

Some discover a new skill!

Others grow some strange horn

Meanwhile some get in the groove easily

You know when you have a natural athlete in the family

And the more creative ones who find new ways to use a dock wheelbarrow

An early departure provided some nice lighting and a full moon.

If you are ever doubt why you need somebody on watch? Well, even in the most hospitable water you can encounter some strange things… Here is a reminder: Two large pieces of floating docks left drifting!

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  1. Floating docks can be from Japan,
    how warm is the water ?

  2. I doubt that it’s from Japan, but still scary.

    The water is at 15 degrees, say no more!!!!

  3. 15, not bad, its about our temp, we do get around 22 if we have nice warm sunshine for 3 weeks.

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