Enough chills for the day?

Three more days on the boat with the family, all the ingredients were in perfect harmony and we were able to have a great time. We did a mix of civilization and nature which brought a good balance in the life onboard. While underway we had the good fortune to see three beautiful sunsets, the kayak got lots of exercise, as the gin bottle!…

We even crossed path with Bob from Eolian, unfortunately we were going the opposite direction and we had no time to turn around, next time maybe?

In the meantime we have been emailing with my sister whom we are trying to keep updated on her “boys” holiday. Somehow we have to keep the grand-parents hostage for a bit longer! Wait a minute…. we need a ransom!

And that’s when Thomas called  “I really would love to g. .. … …t”

To which I replied: ” I can arrange that!…”

Sophie, please have a seat, take your heart medication some of the pictures below could be troubling for your overprotective feelings.

Sails in the wind make us dream

Enchanting Presvot Harbor

Our latest fashion

Sophie! we even braved a storm… No, not really it was just in around us relax.

Our mother relaxing, that’s a sight.

 Spi retrieval. Always ready to help!


Aren’t they lovely? but will you ever leave your children with them again?

Boys taking a break to enjoy the view…

And now for the moment of truth….

Yes! Up 60 feet in the air and loving it.

No favoritism, even Louis went to the first spreader.

Thomas your wish was granted, anything else you like to do while you are here?….