Another day on the water.

Finally Jane and Ross’s busy schedule had an open day that coincide with ours, they made it for a day onboard Letitgo. we couldn’t have wished for a better day.

Ross had in his “younger years” sailed around this part of the wood, and had recounted the beauty of the scenery to Jane, the camaraderie and the overall adventure. Saddly it was only a quick hop to one island, but we hope you got a sense of the environment Jane. This always reminds us how truly fortunate we are, to live in such a beautiful part of the country. It goes without saying that with a bit of sun everything is more pleasant, and more beautiful.

After a walk, and some refreshments it was time to run back home. The wind was 2-4 knots from the stern nothing we could do sail wise. Part way through, from a distance we could see our friend’s boat with their spinnaker up, the peer pressure did the trick! It only took 3 minutes to bring ours up, to *V*’s  delight!

Thank you *E* for digitizing such a day, it makes it even more special. And now because we have nothing else to do, Cold coffee for you live.