A promise is a promise.

A year ago we had made a bet and set a date to show our face. We are happy to oblige and because of it, we win the right to go and travel the world. We are originally from France, and left our home country 19 years ago because the bug of travels was with us. With our careers we were able to move around and finally settled for 16 years to make Canada our new base.

Vancouver was our home for the last 6 years, our boat was moored at Point Roberts Marina. Here you are you now know the Letitgo Family.

Benjamin Laurent Emma Valerie

Letitgo in its playground

Photo credit to our friend Pete.

Just in case if we lose internet : Please do not panic, we are doing well and are just going now through the strait of Fuca (30/08/2012 3am). We will have another post coming soon relating our first day.

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  1. Awesome. Great to finally see you! Beautiful family. Congrats

  2. Dean & Lynn says:

    Congratulations!!! We wish we could have been ther for your send-off!!! Good luck with all your adventures!!! It was a pleasure to get to know your family and enjoy your company. We can only hope to meet up with you in the future when we become “Doers”. Fair winds and calm seas always!!
    Dean & Lynn
    S/V Solastra

  3. Duers,
    nice sunglasses.
    Sail safe.

    Geir Ove

  4. Thanks Dean & Lynn, we been looking for the last two weeks to tell you. But you must be back home. See you in Mexico

  5. Thanks Tate Photoshop should have been applied but the rest of the family said no.

  6. Well Done and Well Do! Looking forward to share a bay with you one day.
    And keep those reports and pictures flowing….
    Safe sails & sayonara,

  7. Thanks Jaap, we would love to share a bay and have have a Shabu Shabu.


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