One family and four days on the water.

We had decent weather, the family got in the groove, and Letitgo performed beautifully.

If only the water could be more than 15 degrees, we would go swim together, because so far only *B* is…

Our visit in Anacortes was a pleasure as usual, with all the antique stores, and that amazing classic marine one. We had a gorgeous picnic alongside a Beach fire with smores, and magical sunsets, what a success! 

While underway, we received our life raft, our sewing machine and the hookah system which brings the list down to only one more major purchase and we are should be set! We also sold an extra 100 ft. of chain that we had before our upgrade, which should relieve a bit Letitgo.

We are really getting ready and it’s coming together nicely. 11 more days and the goal to have the boat ready will be achieved. Maybe then, the stress will diminish a little…

Time to to share with you some of the best pictures credits to our talented daughter *E* :


Even in the PNW we have sun… You just need to pick the right week in  July.

What was it you were looking for Dear?

Let me see…

A three prongs marshmallow roaster for the s’mores of course…

The first underwater picture with our new Canon D20. *E* didn’t trust it , and wasn’t so sure it would still work after been under water….

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  1. The photos are getting better and better. Can you give details of the Hookah rig when you try it out. Dani and I have considered getting one too.

  2. Thank Tate somebody will be happy with your comment about the picture. Also soon it will be more of a fun blog once we start telling a story not boring Prepper stuff.

    As for the Hookah we will for sure share with you once the temperature of the water and clarity will permit. We went with Airline for the robust and non plastic fitting.

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