Nous vous souhaitons un bon 14 Juillet.

En fanfare, isn’t it this way that it should be celebrated! Today is the National day of our country of origin! Yes you guessed right, it is FRANCE. Funny enough we had a man in uniform coming for a visit today….

We could have opted for such a display of flair, but interestingly  they had a previous engagement. Instead and mostly because we know our chances of being boarded in the next few months are fairly high, we decided to renew our USCG voluntary inspection sticker. For this we invited onboard an auxiliary officer from our local branch who pronounced our boat in compliance with the basic requirements for pleasure craft. We were missing one booklet, which was rectified quickly by a visit to the Chandlery.

Alors a tout nos lecteurs Francais, nous souhaitons un excellent 14 Juillet bon bal populaire, suivi d’un feu d’artifice evidemment! Vive la republique, vive la France.

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