Back to reality even when you are having a good time….

What better way to bring you back to reality than to fix things around!

  • Why is the electric motor upset?
  • How to build a bridge for your favorite wife?
  • And why not add protection to the dinghy and clean the boat ?

While *V* was driving back to town for *E* to pass the last hurdle of her drivers license and become a full independent driver. The boys started the usual routine of the preppers and got the boat fully functional (well almost!).

What you are witnessing is the troubleshooting of the windlass electrical motor by somebody who has no clue of what he is doing. But fortunately Mr.Google wasn’t too far, and was able to give him a few tips. Even though I had been able to make a good evaluation on the solenoid (we had proper voltage to the motor e.i. no major corrosion) the engine was still not started or randomly and only once was I able to turn it on manually. Would it regain life? As I was feeling full of bravado I decided to remove the engine and see it from close. All the moving parts looked in immaculate shape and no excessive wear was noted!

At this stage, the probabilities of having to purchase a brand new motor looked very high and why not a new windlass! What do you think? 

On to another quick search which enlightened me on :

  • option one = cost of a new motor $800
  • option two = cost of a new windlsass = $3000.
  • I was left with option three : TRY harder.

Of course, as we were checking the mechanism without the motor, the shaft came out with all the brand new oil! Lovely…. no need for a picture, as it was directly connected with no load, we couldn’t stop this beast from running…. Below is what was confirmed a few hours later by e-mail from the importer.

The Tigres was available in both 12 and 24v.  Older models were 1000w,
today’s replacement Tigres motor is a 1200w version.  It mates to the
gear housing with the same triangular flange whether the original was
1000w or 1200w.  The barrel size of the 1200w motor is a bit larger than
the 1000w therefore the largest cables that can be connected and allow
for the cover to be positioned is 2 gauge.  You will need to step the
cable size down if you have larger than 2 ga. cables connected to a
1000w motor.  This can be done at the control box for the two red (+)
cables.  A terminal block or power post will be needed to step down the
black (-) power cable.  Again that is only necessary if the existing
cables are larger than 2 gauge.

LWP8251 – 12v/1200w – List $1150.00 – Net $805.00

LWP8252 – 24v/1200w – List $1220.00 – Net $854.00

Both are in stock.

Before replacing, you could check the condition of the brushes and blow
out the carbon dust.  This may clear up the intermittent operation.  If
it does not, then it is likely a dead spot on the armature.  That is not
repairable and a replacement will be needed.

Quite the incentive! Only one solution left, reassemble the best way possible, and try it out! It turns out, we were able to drop the anchor and the incredible happened it worked!In the end I learn more about armature and brushes!and why I found dust when I remove the outside cover.

I will make a special request to our guardian angel : please let us have found the problem.

Second task of the next day, we built a path way to heaven for *V*. We have often dreamed of a hard top but the budget and timing is not available, so we had to compromise. And for those who own a lagoon here is the idea: Some starboard ½ inches 1 ft. wide one piece 4 ft. one 27 inches one 1 feet. Note that you will have to use some elbow grease and round the edges nicely with sand paper in order to avoid any chafing of the Bimini cover. Voila! for just $130 you have a perfect stable platform you can easily walk on, to perform your boom/sail bag related task.

Last but not least, we tackled another project I have had on my list for a good year now. Apply a rubber protection to the bottom of the dinghy. We had some heavy duty material left over from another project we used a few years ago. So we applied it with 5200 fast cure. Clearly this made a real mess, and our hands are a good testimonial of it, but we hope it will stay in place for another few years and consolidate our dinghy!

In the mean time we discovered that our dinghy had a false bottom and it was full of water! Now we know why it was so heavy to lift on the davits!

Like I said before a day like this one brings you back in no time into the prepping mode!