52 days! But who’s counting?….

Incroyable mais vrai! There is 52 days before we start our adventure… A revelation indeed!

And here we are:  we have one business to sell, one to two trips to *E*’s future university town so she can store all her things in a storage, a few items to sell coupled with a garage sale and lastly our family visiting for the month of August to entertain…. The countdown is on!

With that said, we still have a few little details to take care of on the boat, as you can see the pressure in the *D* family is climbing. Fortunately we were expecting it and had planned for it but here we are in the eye of the last prep for the prepper! Add to this wonderful mix of tension and hard work a teenager with hormonal issues and you get an explosive cocktail!


Salmonberries and Wild blueberries mixed with Huckleberries

So to relax and change their mind a bit *V* and *B* went berry picking yesterday. One of our team member is an expert and has more local knowledge than anybody else we know. This batch made five small jars of jam, let’s see if they make it on the boat with us. During that time, I was able to pick up the hardware for the Bimini upgrade, buy a waterproof camera, a hookah system, and some trivia bits and pieces.

Still the mood is tense, our nerves are at “fleur de peau” and everybody’s patience is short. This is what a transition phase does to you, as you can see it’s not so easy to retire afterall. Or is it that we need to deserve this cruising life?

Then again slowly but surely each new day brings us closer to our goal,and hopefully we won’t be more of a dysfunctional family than before we started this all process.

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  1. Yepp.
    we only live once.
    we are at a small island in Limfjorden, Danmark, and it is ….nice….. but we have to go back to work next week.
    But our day will come……..

  2. Just need to get the priority right LOL And a little crazy.

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