The stress of “prepping” to leave…

One aspect of the prepping stage often underestimated if not barely spoken off, is the level of stress that can build up during the last months of preparation. Moving is no stranger in our family and with that said we feel fortunate to have no emotional attachment to our home and not lots of stuff to get rid of…. In fact, we never had enough time to accumulate.

Nevertheless in the last months our stress level has been building up! Not a big amount but  enough to be noticeable and disturbing to some aspects of our life. Who is going to take care of my plants? Where are we going to store our memorabilia’s? And what if we don’t like it? if….. All these questions are natural doubts and can very well play with your mind, hence going to bed gets a little harder. In the previous months the sale of our house was nerve wracking not knowing if we were going to sell or not….. Today the adrenaline has dropped and our mind/bodies are simply showing signs of fatigue!

Fortunately we are not alone, many cruisers have felt it at different levels, and in fact today a thread appeared on the Cruiser forum about this exact topic. Reading through the few pages of comments reassured us and made us deal with it in a more constructive way.

Indeed it is well known that apart from death and divorce, the most traumatic “regular” events in one’s life are moving house, leaving a job, letting your kids fly on their own.

For most cruisers, those three components are nicely packaged into what we call “cutting the lines”, and then bundled up with a nice dose of unknown. Add to that combo a spouse with whom you may have only shared evenings and this could potentially make the “wake up” call a bit brutal if not lethal to the *dream*, you so longed for…

As for us, we have now worked for  thirteen years together, we have moved more than 2 dozen times in the last 25 years across two continents and one ocean, and we are now very happily taking off with our kids. So we certainly hope this will make for an easier transition on our part, but for our aging parents far away it may not be so easy.

Crazy kids, our parents are still thinking! Once again they live all behind and re-invent themselves a new life. Well… really we are doing this for you, come and visit us in the nicest location, easy solution… And promise the backyard will look different every time!