On our way to repair.

An early start with Rae our multihull expert and  friend was real a treat. The eye saw the light, and we “risked” our lives with a “compromised” hull in the elements to save the day. Ok that’s complete  exaggeration, or may be my twisted sense of humor though it would make for a good story wouldn’t it.

The wind had been howling all night the previous night and knowing that I was not sailing on my own, enabled me to sleep soundly until 4.45am. The engines had been checked the night before, so we put the kettle on and we departed at 5.15am. The wind was a steady 15 knots, and the light on the mountain range was just spectacular. As Rae is a racer and expert we deployed the Spinnaker nearly immediately, after a few teas and the wind abiding to around 8 knots we set it up. Unfortunately it only lasted a good 5 minutes before wind changed to a close haul.

We still rocked until the end and sailed in with 1 hour to spare before haul out. Lunch was consumed, we signed in and on time with a smile we were hauled out At Seaview North in Bellingham.

*V* and *B* joined us right on time and we then held our breath for the moment of truth. It doesn’t look pretty and rather impressive for an amateur damage boat owner, quickly we got an assessment from the foreman. In his words, “you got lucky it only fractured the outer skin and they built them well re-enforced” nothing that 15 hours of work can’t repair! Of course if we don’t find anything bigger when we grind, because fibreglass can spider crack far away from impact and delaminate. We will have to see tomorrow, we are still holding our breath at the moment…