In the serie : “home sweet home”

About a year ago we had been planning for this day. It took all this time to know what we really needed to install to improve our space, and to coordinate with our dear friend Jim “the perfectionist wood artist” to make it all happen. During the install  process, Jim realized that boats are a funny species : indeed they not straight, yet full of surprises and have limited space to work in. He had estimated his install to be 4 hours worth, not bad… it only took  him twice that.

All new boat owners know that the boat-builder must think one of those three things while designing a new boat:

  • We/us cruisers are going away with a tuxedo and a gown for all those executive parties in yacht club.
  • We will only wear foul weather gears! Is there that many storms we will encounter?
  • Or simply, is it cheaper to produce a cupboard with a rode only.

We are ready to bet that the latest is the accurate answer. Who needs a 3 full length cloth cupboards on a cruising boat and no space to put a T-shirt and your swim suits. Well, we found the way on Letitgo, we now have 18 new shelves available around the boat. They are all adjustable every 2 inches and fit like a gloves.

The typical set up


And after

For your info its marine plywood tinted and varnished with brass screws in pin.

Same in the kitchen, a pantry so high for all those magnums of Champagne.

Nevermind, from now on we will make due with only a half bottle

Thank you!

Anyway, you get the idea now, I spare you the photo of all 3 cabinets.

They are now in full service with no dead space.

We make it headway, Yes we are.