And the result is ….

Once our sailing meeting was over, I went back on the road to see how the work was progressing. First thing first, the paint that was applied nearly 2 years ago was immaculate once power washed. Newport Beach boatyard did a great job, thanks again guys. The zincs on the sail drive were there and in decent shape, the anodes were immaculate once extracted.

While waiting for the expert to grind, I started other projects which I added to the list while out of the water. There was one ball valve that was heavily oxidized and I wanted to check the state of the Seacock. I am happy to report that, it was only superficial and the most important part was in perfect shape.

Mike introduced himself and pitched his tent under the bow of Letitgo. The sound was heart breaking, after every stop I wanted to go and check but it started again shortly. After 10 minutes he was done and we discovered that our problem was well confined and easily reparable. Lagoon boat owners : here is what your bow looks likes under pressure! No need to recreate, we share the love…

5 staggered layers of fibreglass later and we were looking a lot better already.

At this point I had changed the seized raw water intake valve for the port engine, the anode in both sail drive and the rusty bolt off the swim ladder by 3pm. I was finally contemplating a relaxing afternoon… but the black streaks on the side of the hull were calling me into action. So the orbiter came out and 4 hours later we were clean and wax a celebration Pacifico was in my hand. I was done for the day, not bad after all but let’s not make it a habit.

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  1. Geir Ove says:

    can you send me the picture of the bow when grinding jobb was done. i want to blow it up to se better.

  2. Done deal for you Gobo

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