And our week finishes with a bang!

“Next”…. was the last word of our previous post…. Perhaps we should have used another one to make a final statement.

This Sunday we decided to go out and sail to rejuvenate ourselves on the boat, the day was nice and relaxing until we hit a log. On arrival at the dock, *B* jumped in his kayak and did a quick inspection : “Hey Dad! I can feel something ruff like fibreglass!” All damages are external and there is no visible signs on the inside. What can I say? Not our best 7 days.

That’s it we batted three big strikes in a row, we should be done now. Following our philosophy we try to Letitgo, remind ourselves that we need to deserve paradise and better now than at the end of August when we are ready to move on. As *V* pointed out we have to earn this new life of ours!

We must have done something because our Karma box sucks right now, but we got the message and we’ll work at it. This started with some cosmetic gelcoat repair for a Zen moment, cleaning all of our drains etc…. The rest of the day was of somber mood due to the “knick” so we enjoyed a quiet meal and relaxed over our dinner.

On our way home, we visited friends who are also leaving soon and learned that his brother had just fell off the roof of their house while repairing it. He is a professional, and will have some marks for a while.

Somebody is determined to test our tenacity and focus, so let me tell you by Monday noon we had a haul out planned for Wednesday. The boat yard is lined up we will take care of “you”, you will be back in no time Letitgo, better than ever.

And we will end this post, with no more we got the message!





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  1. Geir Ove says:

    Whats done is done.
    Look at whats comming ————-
    Life is good.
    77 to go.

  2. Absolutely, just need to letitgo….

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