In the serie : “home sweet home”

About a year ago we had been planning for this day. It took all this time to know what we really needed to install to improve our space, and to coordinate with our dear friend Jim “the perfectionist wood artist” to make it all happen. During the install  process, Jim realized that boats are a […]

Beauty on the hard.

6am departure from home, to get everything back to normal on Letitgo. It went according to plan all is back where it should be, and it just took 13 hours. I have nothing else to say, and here ares some picture, as they speak by themselves and then off to bed for well deserved rest. […]

Another long day…

The goal for this Monday was rather simple, get the mechanic to remove the prop and supervise me while I would be changing the lower oil seals. I asked a few questions before doing it : are you familiar with saildrive? Do you know how to re-grease the prop? Answer: Oh! Yes no problem I […]

On our way to repair.

An early start with Rae our multihull expert and  friend was real a treat. The eye saw the light, and we “risked” our lives with a “compromised” hull in the elements to save the day. Ok that’s complete  exaggeration, or may be my twisted sense of humor though it would make for a good story […]