Wine or beer making equipment?

Some people might arrive here after a google search and wonder while shaking their head! This instrument doesn’t produce beer!!! I know it doesn’t look like it… but trust me this box will provide wine and beer during our trip. And this is how:

A SWR meter is a very useful instrument like any voltmeter. It helps you see the invisible the forward and reflected wave and your power. Not many boats have one onboard, and being able to test all Ham and marine VHF bands will be an added bonus and come handy at times! What about the beer or wine making, you may wonder now? Well, easy: In order to take it out, my “fee” will be; a beer or a decent bottle of red wine… A fairly simple concept indeed, and when your mean of communication is not working this becomes invaluable.

For example we had some issues in the past with our main VHF not putting out on 25 watts, when our mobile one was going further on 6 watts. As some of you may remember I replace the antenna last year and we haven’t had any more problems since. We even ran some tests last Sunday and our contact confirmed the matter. What did SX-200 show? 25 Watts of power and a SWR of 1.3 confirming that the system is good and in working order. We also ran it with a Dummy load and got a 1.1 SWR showing that we have calibration.

The next step was to re-check the Ham, we tested it inline during Pactor and voice operation. We are happy to report that we have the power expected at the different level. The SWR is even more amazing sitting at around 1 to 1.1, the needle barely moving. We should be loud and clear! This brings a new question is : Will we be  willing to talk? – Another story –