The perfect Day!!

This week-end was one of the first days of sunshine around here! Did we ever enjoy it… so much so that we don’t have any pictures to share.

But before departure while the family was still in bed, I decided to do one more trial. If you follow me there is still that 20% left of interference bugging me… And there is still one more high tech check to do! For that I used good old aluminium foil to link to the ground on the turner and had it tested.The result? Well, no change at all “on” or “off”. All bands were tested and…nada. In the end, the only solution left is to move the tuner to the other side!

While on route, we conducted more tests, received an email from our friend in the South Pacific and we are happy to report that we have no problem with any instruments while undersail or with the autopilot.

The plan was to “sail” to an island then meet our friends, Ray and Sharon for Lunch. Unfortunately mother Nature has it, and we could only motor into the wind on a glassy water though we had a fantastic relaxing potluck onboard Letitgo. The surprise was that we met with another catamaran in the bay, and the multihulls were the majority. Wow, more and more people are ready to take the chance on capsizing those days!

The return trip was motoring with the wind on the nose on glassy water, do you notice a pattern here? Lucky for us we had the current with us for this extreme tide situation due to the biggest moon of the year. While we were underway we received some good news via e-mail! But you will have to wait for unveiling once it become a very good news.

We ended the day with another fantastic pot luck with preper cruiser friends. Wild salmon was sacrificed and good laughs were shared. All in all, hard life isn’t it? Indeed it takes a lot of preparation and planning to relax. I feel we will adapt and settle well into it, what can I say it’s hard work to succeed….