In the series: “Let’s re-assure our parents!”

Like most parents on Earth, ours are a little worried/concerned about us and this crazy idea of ours! Really, why go sail the oceans on “une coque de noix” (translate on a nut shell). Maybe they would feel more secure if we went on something like this. All donations are welcomed Dear parents, for the serenity of your grand children.

No way Jose!… we will not exchange our sweet Letigo for anything else! But donations are still accepted you know us.

By now we know guys (and I will admit to it) don’t ask for directions. Hence, we compensate by being ready with the proper guides and chart books. (Hopefully *V* thinks…) And, Yes, they’ve arrived! In other words we will not have to stop and ask for direction any time soon! Thank Goodness… Also while we are in Mexico, if we need to replace an obscure piece of equipment “Spanish for Cruisers” is on board. See we can be responsible afterall!?….


Now you may remember that last year in June, we participated in a flare trial and the result was not convincing to say the least. And for a year now we looked around, and hesitated to buy the only thing we saw working great:  “the Orange fume canister”. But with a price around $80 locally we were hesitant… However, a few weeks back we were reminded of the Rescue laser flare used by the Coast Guards. Indeed once on rescue mode they can spot it at 80 miles with their night goggles vision, plus the cost is $89 in non marine store. That’s it the deal was sealed, with a few spare battery we can signal for hours at a time from far away. Added bonus : nothing drops in the seas or on your boat!

Dear parents you see if we are in difficulty, we will have a way to attract our rescuer. Not so crazy after all those young puppies…