On sprouting….

 Our friends Dawn and Tom had heard of our previous adventure with sprouting and must have taken pity. So during our last meeting they gave us the Tube a 70″s looking contraption that make the art of sprouting easy. On the first day after 12 hours soaking. As we are all mostly vegetarians some by […]

Wine or beer making equipment?

Some people might arrive here after a google search and wonder while shaking their head! This instrument doesn’t produce beer!!! I know it doesn’t look like it… but trust me this box will provide wine and beer during our trip. And this is how: A SWR meter is a very useful instrument like any voltmeter. […]

Happy Birthday Dad…

Last year this time we were in France visiting my side of the family and surprising my Dad’s 70th birthday! This year, we are little more busy doing other things… Nonetheless our thoughts are there still… Isn’t it so ingenious of me, trying to hide yet another maintenance post!!! Although knowing you all, I doubt […]

The perfect Day!!

This week-end was one of the first days of sunshine around here! Did we ever enjoy it… so much so that we don’t have any pictures to share. But before departure while the family was still in bed, I decided to do one more trial. If you follow me there is still that 20% left […]