Welcome back on-board!

Easter week-end was for us the *re-commissioning* of Letitgo. Although we have come and gone regularly onboard, the boat was not prepped with perishables like food, water or fuel. And now that the major work is done, it was time to shake it down and try everything.

This week-end was perfect on all fronts, the family was together, the weather was great and our trusted Letitgo performed perfectly her tasks. Is it a little too rosy for the pessimistics? Truly there must have been challenges? Please do tell…

Well indeed we had our challenges : First Our lovely, charming sweet Daughter *E* mentioned that her exams were on Tuesday and that basically we had to cut short our trip to unable her to print, review and edit her essay and then do some revisioning…. Although we had clearly said we would be gone til Tuesday! Then again it could have been lost in the communication so we all got re-organized for departure. A drama in our book if I may add and for her brother too who was happy to miss school all together.

Then there was *B*, (who might be thinking he would be off the hook on that one!) during your “watch” Letitgo hit a log that made some rather disturbing noise. Needless to say, not the average small log but a 6 meter long, fortunately it went under the boat without inflicting damages. We know you were dreaming like any other teenager out there, but when you put your bottom on that seat. You are in charge of the well being of the boat and its occupants. Let’s remember it for next time.

That is for now people, for the rest the mariner two strokes and the Honda generator purred like a well oiled machine on the third pull. We were able to enjoy a great sail down the island, all systems worked as designed, with only the Ham radio giving some LED light interference but none on the autopilot on a wide range of frequency.


Resting on a mooring buoy, due to the 25-30 northerly we got over night. First time out so we were not in the mood to test the anchoring capability. We also had some spring tide and a -2ft make for some adjustment of all sort.

Of course we have some hipster photos, compliment of *E*. The last one is a clandestine passenger, let’s hope we don’t have any others…