The yogurt contest….

Thank you for an amazing day of celebration on our 20th anniversary. Which included a few amazing restaurants a long walk in civilization and some great reads in Chapters… See *L* you can be romantic! This time around we didn’t visit any boatyards, nore chandlery and we had agreed on “no” to the computer, refreshing! Now, I know the French president is busy at the moment with the election campaigning, but a phone call would have been nice and quite frankly a medal can be sent without fanfare! I will not take offence… But really who needs a medal?

Now back to reality of the “cruising preper life” truthfully our preferred daily routine. A yogurt  tasting extraordinaire contest was in play for our next lunch! For that we want to thank Dawn and Tom who kindly provided us some samples of the Easiyo mix. So Easiyo versus home-made (with a probiotic starter) *V*.

Who will be “the champagne” or (crème de la crème) of yogurt?

And by the way Dad, this was our last bottle of “Grand Siecle”, so before the socialists take over and nationalize all cellars as a sign of decadence : may be you should bring a few more for us to store, just in case.

This tasting was conducted like a classic wine tasting, comparing the different aspects of both products side by side. Disclaimer: Food is important in our household, the fridge is full of natural products and we don’t purchase pre-packaged products in general. We buy Greek yogurt or natural ones, no fruit ones or any containing gelatin.

The Easiyo was Greek and Honey so to make a fair comparison we added honey to the home made.

Left Easiyo                       Right home made

Color and consistency

The Home made one is more liquidy and of white color. The Easiyo has more a pudding like texture with a rich yellow aspect which makes really appealing. Although note: the Easiyo was made just the night before, and the homemade two days prior which always makes it more liquidy.


The first smell after opening was overpowering to say the least on the Easiyo front. As for the home made one it had no particular smell, and yet it is not our favorite.

First taste

It seems like the Easiyo doesn’t fit our taste bud, a more chemical gelatinous dessert like but not yogurt in any way shape or form. The home made one is still too liquid and acidic for me, but a lot more enjoyable on our palate. This one was also a test and was prepared with a pro-biotic starter which gave it that more acidic flavour.

Second trial

Like jumping with a parachute this time around we knew what to expect, our senses were sharpenned. A little more honey in the home made did the trick, a spoon of Easiyo in it gave it the smoothness.

But *V* said no to a second spoon of Easiyo, declaring that it tasted like old socks.

Final result

We are so sorry Dawn and Tom. We know you brought these back from New-Zealand and were really excited for us to try but so far our first taste of Easiyo is not a favourite. After much deliberation we decided that even if frugality is a motus operatus around this household nobody was going to eat it. *V* and I decided to give it another chance once we get the opportunity to purchase a new pack in New-Zealand. In the mean time *V* will perfect her recipe and once mastered will display the result in another post. As she is also working at a more classic recipe.

The war was over, the verdict harsh.