The “preper” inspired by Dani

On my last rant about leadership, we had a comment from Tate from Sundowner. After reading their blog for a while, I realized that we were in similar situation. Well when I say similar, I do not include the herculean task of refitting an older boat from scratch. You have talent patience and take the time that really deserves all our respect.

But on one of Dani’s post she made a great point, she refers to the sub-culture of cruiser in the preparation stage. We knew of three stages, the Dreamer, the Doer and the Doner. But we also love the idea of including another category let’s call them the Preper.

How do you recognize a Preper?

  •  He/She doesn’t make plan on the perfect boat, they are making it happen and then the money is invested. Well, it is now too late to change their mind….
  • His/Her only focus is to find and get that part on time in order to cross it out of the list.
  • His/Her hands look like they have a manual job nowadays! After all those years of studying?
  • His/Her eyes glaze over when you say the words: ” trip on the water” As He/She is thinking, “No” that can’t happen our boat is in thousand pieces.
  • He/She sees their bank account draining a little too quick towards the marine industry and those magic solutions.
  • He/She spends so much time searching maritime product on the net, that their Google Ads are pretty exclusivily for “Charter Company”. Yes… yes it is possible!
  • His/Her old habits of going to the mall, has now been replaced by a romantic chandlery trip, and He/She finds it actually really fun!
  • He/She refuses an invite for dinner because it’s now time for the second layer of fibreglass.
  • He/She thinks we are finally done, but wait…. there  are 10 more tasks appearing on that “bloody”  to do list.
  • He/She acts incoherently due to the fumes of all that epoxy! But not to worry it goes away.

Now you know the signs, don’t be afraid *they* Preper can be approached, but please remember they have only one goal move to the Doer stage and nothing will stop them. They are not dreamer anymore….

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  1. “The romantic chandlery trip” is my specialty. haha. I’ll forward this to Dani. =)

  2. Hello! LOL, We have experienced quite a many of these. Your list made me laugh.

    I think about it alot like #2 in your list, and just like Dory from “Finding Nemo”…Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep building, just keep repairing……

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