A good quality to have indeed…. And at this very moment we are at a stage where we need lots of it! Unfortunately I didn’t inherit many “Patience” genes, but thankfully *V* has it for the two of us…

So what’s going on around here? you may wonder! Well, it is rather simple:  one asset is not liquefying fast enough to our taste. You see, Letitgo is ready and is getting all stocked up every week-end. Consequently at this point we are waiting “patiently” and creating some make-work projects! Oh dear…

The equation was simple. We would put the non generating money asset on the market, (read house) and once done we would move on to the business. But luck has it, we have more bites on the money making side than the other one! Funny enough…. And now, in the midst of all this, we have one student with a date line for enrolling in university for September, if we don’t escape.

We have said it all along: if we are not able to sale we will have to wait another year. But who are we kidding? Would you really stay one more year at work if you could retire and had the opportunity to start cruising. NO, thank you for the chorus.

By the way, is there any ancient rituals from the Marquesas or South Asia which involves attracting good luck? It will be reimbursed once we realize the sale, promise. Please take pictures of ceremony and then e-mail the receipt to us.

On a more realistic point this past week-end our home was once more set/organized and cleaned for yet another open house hence we could make a run for Letitgo. We have no photo, but we could see the surprise from some of our dock neighbors who are not aware of our plan. You see, we had half the weekly production of refinery transferred from the car waiting for proper storage. Ok maybe a little less but still enough to sustain us for a little while. The theory being we have an income now, so let’s enjoy it.

What kind you may ask?

2 Stroke

4 Stroke

Gear oil 80W90

Diesel oil


While we had our hands in the oil business, I decided to cross one line from your list. Oil change for the windlass! I had done the research a while back and it seemed like an easy process. Well, well… it actually turned into a 2 hour job. Italian design is great but why would you not put a drain plug, too easy in their opinion. This coupled with cold oil made for a sore back today! What? do I hear sympathy?….

Before that my energy was focused on the RF interference, the 20 feet of Coaxial cable bundled up in a corner might not be the best idea. A few zap straps lost their life in the process, *B* was my handler and some soldering was botched up for the new terminal. Please never ask me to do any soldering on your boat, if I offer, just decline politely and offer me a beer to knock back some sense into me.

Nevertheless, you know you are looking to take your mind from timeframe when… you tackle that kind of job before living to cruise.