A good quality to have indeed…. And at this very moment we are at a stage where we need lots of it! Unfortunately I didn’t inherit many “Patience” genes, but thankfully *V* has it for the two of us… So what’s going on around here? you may wonder! Well, it is rather simple:  one asset […]

The yogurt contest….

Thank you for an amazing day of celebration on our 20th anniversary. Which included a few amazing restaurants a long walk in civilization and some great reads in Chapters… See *L* you can be romantic! This time around we didn’t visit any boatyards, nore chandlery and we had agreed on “no” to the computer, refreshing! […]

RF interferences from HF radio.

A call is going to all expert and boat owner, who had issues with Radio frequency interferences and solved it. Here is the problem. We know it’s a normal curse on boat and we have to learn to live with some of it, but we would like to minimize the impact. Symptoms: We have transmitting […]