Where do I disappear all day? or are we on a different watch system…

Today, on my way to the boat I wondered if *V* thought “what is he doing all day alone? Does he have a mistress? Why does he leave so early?” or is it perhaps that we have a different watch at the moment, she does the night shift…

There are a few hints for those who are pondering : one of the clue is that I don’t shower before I leave, I wear the dirtiest clothes I find and then prepare my lunch, indeed not very sexy! But what can I say, I love Letitgo, and I devote a good chunk of my free time to her preparation and today was no exception. Quickly after arriving, I re-installed the partition next to the compressor and set the fridge to work. No leak, no excessive banding, I was happy. One locker re-organized and closed. Check!

On my list was a task that we all know is needed but we rarely take the time to do it. One of my dock neighbors who lives aboard said to me “Yes I think I know where they are…” Good and simple enough when you are living in a marina or not far from the dock, but not so good in case of emergency!

So from now on, every single through hull has a wooden plug attached with a string. In a moment of panic this should save a few precious minutes. I deposited one more good luck ball in my black box. I oiled the hard wood plank for the watermaker, and fixed one small leak on the over-loader (Easy connect elbow was not tight to the max). Then I admired your Valentine’s present *V* : You see even if you are not here I think of you…


At this time, I couldn’t push the next project any further, I had to remove my perfect navigation panel work of art and try to figure what was wrong with the GPS and AIS. I was not looking forward to put my nose in all those cables. I have bad memories of the 144 possible ways to put those together. Fortunately, the solution jumped at me quickly, one connection was loose for the GPS, as for the AIS it worked once I cycled it. With my spare time, I reworked the cable rat nest into something much more viable. I have to say, I am quite proud of this one and then closed everything before anything else went wrong.

Finally *V*, I think you will recognize the boat, our future home sweet home… Actually maybe not for very long; surely there is another project on the way since I started investigated : The isolator transformer, however it will be for another day.

At last, I went to visit our friends who are also getting ready for a longer boat trip. I have only one thing to say : “I thought we had lots of work… LOL” It is undoubtedly reassuring to see someone else going through a similar process. Though his wife is ingenious, her brother is with him onboard, lending a hand! No messing around Mister R.

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  1. Geir Ove says:

    That is a big box, it goes under the port bed afth ?

  2. Yes it does and fairly heavy, but the benefit are very high for a boat with two saildrive. Especially when you plan on going to country that don’t have the most reliable current.

  3. Geir Ove says:

    What size did you go for ?

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