Still working on the small stuff

Because we are done with the big project doesn’t mean we are entirely done. And I had to solve this water evacuation problem if I didn’t want anything to rot in this locker. So this morning was a perfect opportunity, since we had to be out of the house for some visits, if you know what I mean…

The locker in question is the anchor locker, not designed to be a water tight compartment so minimal risk of water damage. Off I go, dinghy in the water, a short rowing around the boat and light poking in the hole. Pffew… got the left over from my multiple jobs in there out with the water. This made me smile and I felt a lot better. The rain was light but stopped for a minute, so I decided to turn “our venerable 380” into a geriatric catamaran. This is the way the kids named it, when I explained what this metal bar was for. By the end of the summer we may have more, watch out.

Because of this new “add-on” getting in and out of the dinghy will be a little easier and safer. By the way, darling children : we don’t call it getting old just more comfortable.

Surprisingly enough the rain made another appearance! So it was time for me to find something inside. And I know that this job was most awaited by *V*, though I was not really looking forward to this one… Head works are never fun! But we simply have had a problem in the past few month, some air and water is making its way back into the bowl. But come on, I changed the entire apparatus last year, so I completed, dismantled and cleaned then put it back together with no luck! So it was time to turn to the internet two corporates were identified. It seems that the back pressure from the vent was blocked (not luckily after the wash down of the holding tank) a test with the pump out open showed that it was not the problem. The second was that if the joker valve is over tightened you could damage it, worth a trial $10 got me one in my hand. Two screws nice and easy tightening, 5 minutes and the hero status is back on!

On another note, for your information 380s do not have stanchion that take conform to the standard T shape format. A little drill exercise and we were in business, same for the 12 volt receptacle. When I think, that I used to be scared of drilling holes in the fibreglass….ahhh  the good old days.

Another day in paradise, another day closer to the goal, the list is updated half a page. We now need a warm day with no wind and up the mast we go.

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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    150 many nice improvements

  2. 150 for sure is the goal.

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