Second Day water maker install.

The sun is still shining, and we all know what this means in our part of the world! In other words run to the boat and work hard at it… So for the second day, I made a run to Letitgo in the hope to put a big dent in the workload.

Did I? well sort of; the system is in place. We have 12 volts and water up to the priming valve, but I have still some more work for tomorrow. It’s amazing when you do things right, how much time it takes, I guess a great way to honor workmanship when it is well done. Every time I put a line through a bulkhead, I make a little anti chaffing tube, and the electrical is a work of art. My mother would be proud, if she knew anything about boat system!

One observation, I have for people that will be inspired by those posts to do the same. The water maker itself is easy, but know that bringing all the different systems around it, is another story altogether. Then again, I have now discovered some parts of the boat I didn’t know… How exciting! this is for the good of mankind.

I have to admit though… I nearly lost it today! When I started testing the water connection and the first one I openned (though hull) leaked. Which immediately made me think: ” if everyone of them is going to be like that, we are going to have fun!” But no, once I tightened the hose clamp really hard (sanitation hose) all was good. And to my relief no other water escaped.

Sorry for the quick post but I need to go to bed, because tomorrow is another day! As you may notice there is no picture today to show all my hardwork, I had forgotten to bring my camera…. It must have been because of a rather minimal sleep last night, one of our neighbor had the great idea to set his unit on fire with a cigarette and a leaking propane tubing. Fortunately we were not on a boat!