Isolator transformer installation.

Seems easy enough, we just need to cut the 110volt line insert the beast and you are done. Let’s see what 6 hours of work can get you.

The before picture

And… after

It works, we have a functional circuit. But I still need a couple of hours of work on it and we should be back to normal.

In the mean time enjoy this great video of ours, another passion in life.

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  1. Geir Ove says:

    And the big white boxs is ?

  2. Geir Ove says:

    What is the White box ?

  3. The white box on the floor next to the Iso. is the Xantrex charger inverter

  4. Geir Ove says:

    OK, thats a big boxs,

  5. yes 100 amp charger 2000W inverter

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