Thank you, Vancouver boat show!

We did the trek to the Vancouver boat show! Why, Seattle was not enough? Well, yes it was don’t get us wrong, and admittedly we are not so fond of crowds created by a few thousand people along with the noise associated with it. But we’ll let out one small secret, there in Canada we can still buy a 2 stroke engine…

Last year we sold the engine (which came with the boat) Mercury 4 stroke, and since then have been running with a very old hand-me down Mariner 2.5 HP 2 stroke. Enough to get us to shore around here, great for *V* to practice but in the future we may need a little more for Mexico. Once we reviewed and talked to fellow cruisers, the consensus was : Yamaha 2 stroke. The reasons were straightforward : availability of parts wordwide, reliability and ease of servicing yourself. At this point the last thing to decide on was the horsepower of the beast. And realistically it is the weight that determined our choice rather quickly! Indeed there is a difference of 9 kg or 20lbs and the 8HP should be enough!

We have “kids” on board who will be driving, we are cruisers with time and we have never been known to race around in any type of transportation. I know we will not plane with four people on-board, but do we really want to. In my opinion I prefer to have the ability to carry safely the motor without breaking my back.

Yamaha had a full display of their line of product, and in a corner tucked away for no-one to see or find were the 2 Strokes. Apparently they are trying to get away from it, and the website is mentioning that the models are not current. This is telling me, that sooner than later the dismiss of this type of “polluting” engine will extend to our northerly neighbor. In the mean time an entrepreneur vendor had a U-haul full of them a few steps from the convention center. He was willing to give a boat show special, and add the part and service manual PDF format. I need not to say more : the deal was sealed.

We are starting a new trend in Interior design : A more industrial look mixed with storage facility….


The mandatory reference picture, that I may need one day. The belt picture a few post back already saves me twice. The blog on the installation of the Epirb was beneficial also, when we never got the free battery promotion and we needed a proof.