Refrigeration : from fresh water cool and wash down pump.

Yep! Another Technical Post…

This is one more system I can say I got intimate with. Thankfully two days for that job were enough from start to finish. How many trips to the store *L*? Actually, I just had to add one more trip to the store, and this one was planned so I didn’t feel bad about it.

This is the pickup and return for the fridge fresh water cool, all hoses are food grade and all connections are plastic, as we wanted to avoid the problem we saw developing on the original install. Have a look at the port exit of the pre-filter.

I am pretty happy with the install under the leap of the locker away from the element, I hope this will help protect it for a little while. And before anybody asks : “yes there is a non return valve on the pickup tubing”

For Lagoon 380 owner this is on the inside of the plank protecting the compressor. The switch is just an emergency one for the wash down. It’s not tidy up, due to my very soon next installation of the water-maker and need to come back in those close quarter.

Of course I had to scare myself in the middle of the day, the fridge pump was all installed and when I started testing it. It could get some water up to it but not any further, my mind started racing – ” is it too far, too long of a ride?” I decided to install the wash down, and came to the same result. I had already moved the pickup tube but not well enough obviously! Once I shortened it and place it right, the water was flowing in second and, may I say with no leak.

The mandatory reference picture, for the original wiring for the compressor. Happy to report that after one hour and a few cycle, all was good.

Our Tuscan fountain is no longer! No more alarmed dock neighbors telling us “Your bilge pump is going nonstop!”. We now have two unused thru-hulls, but not for long my friends let me assure you! The RO system is a thirsty bugger, rejecting 85% of the influx so they will be put to good use.

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  1. That’s an interesting setup! it sure solves a lot of corrosion problems, but doesn’t it make the fresh water in the tank hot (or at least warm?) How much water is in the tank when it is full? How low do you let the level get before worrying about refrigerator cooling problems?

    Lots of questions, I know.

    s/v Eolian

  2. Thank Bob, the system has been done a lots on Lagoon and owner report a 2 degree C increase in Temperature. The tank hold 79 Gallon and the pick up tube is set up low under the baffle.

    We will of course keep it full with the next installation the water maker.

  3. Geir Ove Bø says:

    I think that this tank will in warmer places even be cooler then the seas. temp. and no corrosion, so its the good old Win,Win,and you don’t have to clean the intake/seaw side al the time.
    V&L will keep an eye on the sea temp and the tank temp, when in Mexico, i think. 🙂


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