Electromaax install.

I know we interrupt the water maker schedule, not to worry it will come back next post. But we have a big project on our hand, understand the electrical system and a few people are waiting for some evaluation, between the Hitachi on the right side of the ring and the Electromaax on the left side.

Gentleman, are you readyyyyyyyyyy?

But before we can make any exciting measurements as promise, a little detail needs to be fulfilled. The installation step and we know what that means on a boat. What surprise we will find once we try to put the puzzle together.

I decided to tackle the swap of the Battery isolator first, didn’t even start that one little obstacle show up. The connectors are not the same size, by luck the terminal have a hole just a little smaller. So with some adjusting, we got everything to play nicely together.

I know, the cables are not secure at the bottom but I have learn to be patient and wait until everything work before zap strapping like a maniac. You know where I am going, are you. That took me a good 3 hours, trying to ensure that I have all the right cable at the right place. And following some previous lesson, I only took one wire at a time from the old one and then directly plugged it in, before moving to the next one. Again some people are smiling, and saying “I wonder how he learn that trick”

The previous Isolator didn’t have any feed line or negative, so I will have to run those once I do the alternator. This now done, I couldn’t push the alternators swap any longer. My multi-meter in hand I ensure that no current was present before I starter. Yes I am a man, but when somebody writes three times make sure to switch and disconnect all battery, I listen.

For my record, I found that the belt was not the original one and had been replaced by a Bando. Model number 3375 size 13mn 984mn equal to Gates 9385. This will be handy the day I am in a store and forget the reference.

Now what did we find once we look a little closer, this is the original setup with the Hitachi starboard.

Once, again my theory of “you see only what you want” was confirmed. I knew it was there, I knew it was white, I knew it has something to do with electric but until today I never paid attention to it. The wife/partner of the world will confirm that a recurring factor for a lot of man, and I am no exception.

On the port side, we have a little “magic box” hidden away, complicating a little the setup. Meaning we have a few more wired coming to the back of the alternator.

You remember those game when we were kids, spot the 8 difference in two photos. Well here is the adult version, look at the plug and the ground cable. We have some extra friends hanging around.

The rest of the process was rather fluid, the old was out in a minute cable marked. The Electromaax took a little longer to install, due to the fact that I needed to adjust the bottom bracket. Of course the “masochistic” engineer from Yanmar batted 100% by ensuring they use three size bolt, needing wrench 13/14/15 on three bolts, a new record for me. Bravo Monsieur.

One thing I have to say, the new one fit like a glove. But before I get any further with the plugging, I will send a request for clarification to the support e-mail of Electromaax.


Update: This was done at 4PM PST in a long document with diagram and photo, by 7PM PST or 10PM EST there time, I had a representative contacted me to review it. Asking a few more questions, and promising a call on Monday with an explanation once they have the time to meet on it. Did I mention this was on Saturday night?







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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    NICE………… say no more, you are a hard working sailor.

  2. Thanks GoBo, You don’t get anywhere if you don’t work hard. And once we leave, I would like to be able to relax knowing that what ever happen I can deal with it.

    Plus sharing the knowledge is worth it…

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