Christmas all over again, water-maker arrival.

When the FedEx man arrived today, it felt like Santa Claus was in the house. One of the biggest purchase made for Letitgo has arrived, the water maker.


The first impression was positive. Well packaged, very organized and detail oriented. The stylish metallic blue of the membrane housing would be a pity to hide, why don’t we show it off like a piece of art *V*?

Meet our new friend the General pump WM series. May you give us water for a long time.

Nice surprise the feed pump has been upgraded to the commercial duty Water puppy. The product is getting better and refinements are showing. What a delight to see a company not sitting on its laurel, but progressing to stay ahead of the competition. So far my only problem is that next year’s model will be better and the question is : how are we going to keep up with the Jones?? You never can get away from it… can you ?

My only “disappointment” to be honest is that I won’t be able to demonstrate to *V*my 21st century manliness. Because, even the Teflon tape is already on the fitting, everything is prepared. I will only need to figure out the two end connections.

What can we do? Us men of the 21st century to show our hunter gatherer skills?

  • No trip to the different stores, no need to get in touch with multiple local tribes?
  • No sign on my hands of the hunt. The animal couldn’t leave trace of damage….
  • No showing our skills and ability to provide for our family
  • Nothing to demonstrate to my kids, to teach them leading by example.

We are doomed and an endangered species. Soon we will have to be hopelessly romantic, listen peacefully to all “recommendations” and therefore have soft hands. I am telling you disappointed, it’s going back!!

No No… Wait! I have a better idea, I just need a bigger BBQ. There we go problem solved!

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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    Lucky you…………………its looking good.

  2. No it’s just a plug and play right…

  3. L looking good, have you decided where to install it? We are awaiting arrival of our RO 20gph watermaker and are in 2 minds where to install on our 380 Tempo”.
    Toast (Lagoon Owners Yahoo website)kindly sent me pictures of their install of same watermaker in the engine compartment on port side.
    Blog is great, keep up the info for us not so engineering minded souls.
    Best J & D

  4. Thanks J&D going back to Letitgo tomorrow to finalize two projects and will finalize location, I have my idea let’s see if it work.

  5. Her our thoughts on location. We are thinking of “T” ing into the fridge raw water intake before the strainer,adding another strainer before1st filter, placing the “blue work of art” in the void behind the Owner’s side wall and placing all rest of installation vertically on a board hung under owner’s side bunk with panel mounted above escape hatch, by product would be expelled through fridge exit through hull. with a line (long) for fresh made water into tank. No other though hulls would be needed. Noise issue? doubt we would be making water at night so not really an issue!! Thoughts?
    Best, J & D

  6. The rule is to have a dedicated intake for water-maker, if you let air in you can be in trouble. That what they say anyway.

    For the rest everybody as his/her idea of the best place. For us we changed the fridge to tank water cool. leaving us with a free intake, the entire install is going the port side front lazaratte. Just got the water line run today, and the wood installed on the beautiful and empty bulkhead. Easy access if any water issue not a problem. But required to go in to do water so a trade off but that keep me young. Wait no I train one for the kids to do it….

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