You know you are still a rookie when….

It’s our second winter as boat owners and we can feel some light bulbs coming on. Our first storm season, we were oblivious to the dangers around us and lived in perfect happiness in a blinding world! Indeed it pretty much summarizes what we went through and survived without any major lessons/mistakes learnt. Albeit a fairly small gelcoat repair on one of our cleat we feel we did okay for that first year! Thankfully side way docking is over as it was inducing a lot less stress on the boat!

Since then we moved to another slip where the predominant wind direction is different.  All summer we backed up into our slip and had found it a lot easier than bow first.

And now we were getting ready for winter. So, we read the book about local weather (official one from the weather office), we thought we had looked around the marina and analyzed the situation… So we thought!

A few weeks ago I was at the boat alone and the wind was coming from the SE at 30-40 knots. Our stern was straight into it, needless to say this puts a lot of stress on Letitgo due to the windage of the solar panel. “Those Southern winds are a hard kicker!” was my observation, but that’s ok we are waiting for the northerly and those are the crazy ones or so we thought! Today again we were at the boat and and this time it was 45 knots, same position same situation and the winds were still from the south, the solar panels were vibrating. Let’s emphasize again : we don’t like any undue stress on any piece of equipment.

By then our experienced neighbor and friend was around his boat, so we asked him :

” When are the northerly coming?”

 “Rarely!” was his response “That’s why I turn my boat around for the winter.” And he even added ” I was wondering why you turned yours?”.

Do I ever love the Anglo-Saxon education, in France somebody would have come along and said something like ” Hey why don’t you put your boat into the wind” Then again that would be arrogant LOL….