Why not visit the Lagoon Factory.

A few months, back we had requested from Alexandre at Lagoon inside, if he could get some videos of the factory posted. To our surprise this morning, two wonderful narratives were online.

It is always fun and instructive to see where the boats are really made, and how it’s done. A fairly streamlined process far away from the romantic wood boat shipyard, but Beneteau hasn’t grown in the last 100 years by staying put.


But why did I go on the site today, I needed to explain to a supplier how specifically lagoon Catamarans are wired. Not something easy over the phone, trying to ascertain the validity of an installation. Having two engines coupled together bring a few extra elements of challenge. We want to update our alternator and definitive answers are not easy to come by. But John at ElectroMaax has been a pleasure to work within the last year, always taking the call and giving the best advice.

We started by just wanting to replace the stock alternator, evaluated to try to put two on one engine with one directly wired to the house bank (not possible on 3YM30). We are now trying to figure out if we need an outside regulator or not and if we could change both or only one. The fun never stops, better asking now than once we are away from the dock and with an expensive burn out paper weight.