Our Seattle boat show report.

An early start accompanied with a rainy day welcomed us to the Seattle boat show. Some might think :”Easier than trying to work on the boat!” Although it still takes some dedication… This year was our third time around for us with two other major ones, which gave us the ability to compare and a good a perspective point of view. Please note that the following reflections are from sailboat owners outfitting and upgrading their vessels with hard earned money.

Our first observation would be regarding power boats and the cliche that comes along with it… Basically if I ever found myself living with two teenager step sons whom I need to impress with my youth/muscles and testosterone levels. Then the mother would be a blond bimbo with emphasized lungs wearing a tight blouse, and she would love the full sleeve tattoo, I would wear a $200 t-shirt and I would be loaded with cash to burn. Then the Boat show would be the best place to be. Back to reality, with a pinch this is not our case… yet!!

In this full day of touring, we saw a higher percentage of sleazy used car salesmen per square foot than at the auto mall on a busy Saturday afternoon. The only difference probably is that they wear dockside. We saw lots of sad looking booths, some designed like a grade 7 science project from an elementary school. *Wink to *B** While others had nothing to do with nautical theme, not event remote. Worse! some were still unsupervised two hours after the show had opened, if that doesn’t tell you something what will?

So our visit was pretty much confined to 15% of the total exhibit. And within this we found only a hand full of genuine service and equipment providers ready to answer our questions in an attentive manner. Needless to say very easy to find valued service.


This picture summarizes the show for us, big arch big speakers in your face, major rack powerboat. You may notice the rather small number of visitors in the aisle behind.

We had come prepared with only a few objectives in mind and a list drawn. Our rule was no impulse buying, no running around trying to find the impossible. So what where we after you may wonder?

  • Research the offering for life raft fitting in our alcove. We found the right manufacturer and model, boat show special $2800, internet “me” price $2400.
  • Find two cruising books on specials. They were 15% off, and I tried for one year to find second hand ones to no available.
  • Have a look at drogues to slow the boat down! (Thinking about that may be I could use a drogue to slow myself down… Luckily *V* puts me into check regularly!) We did look for a second hand one for the last two years though unsuccessful. So we got one, at the cheapest price around for that model.
  • Review with Navionics how to ascertain the chip we purchased, is post new design.
  • And have a chat with a young man, about some e-mail we exchanged in the last few weeks.

End result :

  • Did we achieve all this? Yes we did 100 %.
  • Did we see anything else that would warren more than five minutes of our attention? A big fat NO!
  •  Was their deal you had to have? Once more NO!

Now for the fun of it, we will share with you what we thought were the “most recession proof “product. First the seabreacher, any “pilot” with $100K will buy one of those, no trouble… It even looks like an orca!

The second one is the Helicat, so useful the market must be amazing. So profitable, they have set up some fancy e-mail.

And last but not least we now have some serious boat jewellery! We pimped our ride, check out that shackle if that doesn’t give you some serious envy I don’t know what would?… And if we lose it we will cry… don’t even touch it! Am I starting to sound like one of those wake board, loud music type? Seriously let us introduce you to the rolls-Royce of all sea-drogue!

Long gone are the day of dragging tire with a chain on them.

Time to come back to our world, and salute the courageous exhibitor from Gig Harbor boats lost in the middle of this consumerism and superficial one… Thank you for such beautiful boats.

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  1. Young? You can’t talking about me…

  2. Sorry Bob no it was not you, meeting you would have been the cherry on the cake not a goal. Next time will be the good one, now that I know you don’t have texting on …..

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