New Year’s Eve resol… oups Goal sorry….

We have no choice it is a tradition, and it is nice to have a goal or rather challenge yourself with the New Year. Actually to be more realistic you don’t have to but it’s a great exercise, plus while writing on a blog you have it in front of you eyes as a reminger, so you can’t fudge it!

With that said, let’s start with a review of 2011, and know that we failed miserably on the 2010 one. Now we feel we did better this past year. Here is a compilation of some of our resolutions :

  • We will try to sail the boat in 25-30 knots of wind.

Well… well… Will we ever make that resolution again? I don’t think so, what were we thinking? Naïve boaters. We got caught by surprise with our full sails on once. The second time, we managed a lot better. And lastely on our trip down the coast, we got all the wind we had wished for thank you very much! As they say on the T.V show, this one was : Busted.

  • We would love to spend a week away from the dock and sail 150 Nm away from home base.

Check! On our summer trip, two weeks sail with an ocean outing. Busted

  • Get the E120 connected to the Icom 604 for DSC purposes (come on! we need an easy one!) (and let’s just add that this one is bringing a lot of frustrations at the moment!).

Done and even push my luck after the frustration disappeared. And got the AIS all set up. Busted

  • Have our “To Do list” of major projects completed

Well that one is difficult to quantify, we don’t have the list back from the beginning of the year. Must be a leftover from my corporate managerial days to avoid paying bonus. Although we don’t have to pay anyone now do we? The list has been updated numerous times since then. But we can tell you that the solar panel, full engine maintenance and some mysterious install are all set. We can say it’s busted.

  • List 312 beautiful Islands on the blog or 6 per weeks just to inspire and learn what’s out there.

We did it, and to top it all off it got us in a rhythm of posting. Not easy when you don’t report on your exciting everyday life, but on some obscure challenge of preparation of a boat. Busted.

  • Have the galley nicely organized

*V* did an amazing, job at this. The boat was a pleasure to live on, the food was easy to produce and manageable. We had a great summer. One thing I should have done is buy stocks from the “Lock & Lock” producer. I would have known where the dividends came from. Busted!

  • Learn the art canning to learn the provisioning process

*V* took the class, read the book and we have more jars than we ever had! Even, bonus point for baking some amazing bread and brioche. Busted.


So 2011 was a good year for us and certainly enabled us to achieve our goals. Now we are in a new year, so the exercise can start all over. We have started brain storming over the Christmas season, and decided on a few. Let the list begin, one person at a time.


*L* let’s envisioned the future:

  • Turn left at Cap Flattery for the third time and this time keep going. That’s a big one with lots of ramification.
  • Finish the Present list of major upgrade by June and respect budget $20 K Water maker/Anchor chain/outboard engine/battery bank/finish to get spares and all small items.
  • Have some quality time with my family in a sunny destination. 
  • Learn to relax, reduce my stress level (with kids onboard otherwise it would be too easy) and why not lose a few kilos (end result under 90 Kg).
  • Get my kids to teach me how to dive to 40 FT.
  •  Keep the blog going 300 post goals.

*B* our youngest Son.

  • Scuba dive (hookah system) in water above 20 Celsius.
  • Go wonder in a Mexican city and explore the markets.
  • Play with wild Chihuahuas.
  • Do a watch on my own. ( For *B* this means be awake! lol)

*E* your oldest Daughter.

  • Create a babysitting business on the water. (any cruiser want a date night?)
  • Get Letitgo into a lagoon. (lagoon in a Lagoon, get it?)
  • Find my limit of Guacamole consumption ability. (No! this doesn’t include Pacifico)
  • Achieve B average in my last semester and have all my university admission ready. (under Daddy’ pressure)
  • See how well I can brush up my high school Spanish, meaning I can barter for that special blanket I so long for…

*V*, keeping everything together

  • Renew our vows on the beach (Our 20th anniversary)
  • Learn to cook with 4 new spices to us.
  • Master sprouting (the record of *V* green thumb is poor for the record…)
  • Get a mother daughter Yoga boat routine.
  • Being able to live in a bikini, for 60 days of the year.
  • Perfect my traditional flan recipe, once I have tasted many of course!
  • Sail with dolphins at our bow!


Here they are on paper, for next year. We told you the bar is high, but we are not shy. Now, we just need to break it down and sell a few assets to realize the majority of them. See you in 2013, let’s hope that we will be writing this post not on the sofa with the fire place on.

We can only hope.

And where do we travel for Island? …. sorry old reflex.