Let’s be serious…

We know what the end of the month means, accounting time. You will find the two files updated for the upgrade and Expenses. This month was nice and quiet with just the Spinnaker and the lines/ropes/sheet for expenses. On the other side, we have had to re-allocate some budget allocation to enable the insertion of the hookah Diving system. Sometime you have to prioritize for the well being of the family.

I made a summary on the expenses page per year and I will add soon a breakdown of the different stages, meaning pre-purchases, purchase, refit, travel. I know sad, but I have to keep myself busy so the month passes quickly…

The good news is that our charming customers in December, enabled us to purchase the water-maker and a few other thing. Thank you, we appreciate your attention and support. Emails have been sent, let see between the two suppliers which one will make the best deal.

On the life side, we are nearly back to normal. Work should slow down and this means we have time to re-arrange the house. Start some new projects on the boat, and finally make a trip to it tomorrow. Yes Letitgo we haven’t forgotten about you, just needed to focus on work. Is that not a sad state of affair, I vote for a yes.

Now I am all about solar energy and have been teased for having a pool table at the back of the boat. I can now show this picture to anybody teasing, and this should stop the conversation right there and then.








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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    Whow….. Lagoon 747 , ready for take off. That is some wing, for the wind to play with.

  2. Their Parents never let them have a spoiler on his/her Honda civic LOL Now they have one a big one. I don’t want to see this in 50 knots or higher wind.

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