A 6 hour boat yoga….

When I arrived on the boat this morning, my brain got on overload. The disorganization I had left behind on my last trip, was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to begin. I took two deep breaths and simply jumped right in, if we want to leave one day I better get on with it. And that’s not even without mentioning the large four boxes of new items I had gone to pickup that morning…. now I had to find a place where to put it…

Before anything it is important to know that from a tender age, I have never been very flexible and my dexterity didn’t make me world famous! Nonetheless today was the day : 6 hours of boat yoga in all sorts of contraption and funny bends to install the SSB. Trying to put out of sight any screws and wires, or, using a tool where there is not much room to use it…

One good thing is and we are really happy about is: we have “space” on the 380, but still you have to find way to get the cable from every piece of equipments.

And for your eyes only here is :  A huge big mess.

This is the state of the boat, by the end of the day. I will not expose you the port side bathroom nore the bedroom. A total disaster, or should I say … chaos! I am lucky *V* was not around or I would have some explaining to do.

Finally one good news, I did a test and could hear some station and tune the antenna. I am dead meat… time to go home now and rest.

Wait a minute! we have a meeting tonight with our cruising association. Lucky for me, the presentation will be entertaining and super instructive!

Upon returning to the meeting I cannot help but write one last point : Now I know why when this couple nearly lost their boat in Niue, they were comparing the situation to losing a family member with all the trauma attached. After putting so much  effort and sweat into this baby to make it grow to be a responsible adult. I understand…


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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    Remember to have som bags of Silica (the once that takes away the moisture, its nice where there is a lot of El. “duppeditts”
    I have 6 in ,and around in my Cabinet.

  2. I don’t know what you are referring to GOBO. Our solution relocating to hot and dry place lot’s easier to control humidity. LOL

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