Customer service, the way it’s done.

As you have read recently when it comes to marine trade we are not too friendly… but it’s not always the case, we have some nice surprises too. Today I picked up my Helly Hansen Jacket from repair. What did they do that deserve a post you may wonder?

Essentially, I have been treated like a valuable customer during the entire experience. You see it doesn’t have to be very complicated : from the first contact with them when I went to explain that my zipper was defective, to the moment two weeks later I got it back, I will emphasize the staff at the various outlet was helpful, listened and delivered on their word.

One thing I didn’t know is that any HH’s outfits are guaranteed for life, and no question asked or special complicated way to deal with it. That’s why they are successful and have a good brand with a name recognition which of course enables them afterward to charge more for a comparable product. Simply well done! my compliment to the person who created this company’s spirit. You have a customer for life, even if it’s at the factory outlet. After all, let’s not forget we are cruisers….

Along with that, we finally made our decision on our spinnaker. Needless to say that we would have loved a para-sailor although with a price of $6000 it is not for us! Afterall we are not made of money like our friends in Europe… or perhaps they all get issued one by their respective government once they declare they are going offshore. We now have the source of the debt crisis!!!

So how did we come to make our decision? In this case, we asked around for about 7 quotes in total. And once educated on exactly what we really needed, we drilled further in two quotes. One was from Hong Kong and one representing themselves from the US but with manufacturing facilities overseas (depending on where you are located in the world.)

This is when again customer services, with a combination of the right product and competitive price, won the day!!!

The outfit we chose is Voyager sail  based in Oregon of all places. All communication is done online, and like some web sites in the hotel business : you don’t know until you place the order where you are exactly staying. In fact, they are the internet selling branch of a very well respected and reputable local loft.

This third generation of sailmakers must have realized that to survive in this ever changing market they had to adapt for better competition. And this was a good move on their side as we may have never asked for a quote from them, knowing what the other local ones quoted us. They are part of a major independent “franchise” and have associated with lofts from all over. Meaning that when they are too busy or to be more practical they can outsource and open to a new potential market, and therefore they can  generate more business.

In other words, how did Dale get our business? He simply answered our questions honestly and candidly, he was straight forward and also gave good advice where he felt we needed direction. All that done in a timely manner. His company could deliver a package that the HK loft couldn’t ie: an ATN sock, and all this is aligned with pricing from overseas.

Truly, this goes to show you how us cruisers are willing to pay a little more just treat us with professionalism and not like trust fund kids with no brain!!

Now off to the next stage, Dale needs to deliver as per expectations.

All this positive attitude today must be because we are invited to our good friends *J&R * tonight. Let’s have a good laugh with a bit of therapy in between. We love you both dearly, it really is too bad you missed this summer week-end on the water.

For Island 287th we will run to St Barth, just have a look at this video. Just beautiful in our eyes, nothing else to say…


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  1. Geir Ove Bø says:

    How big is it ?…. m2

  2. It is 772 sq/ft or 72 m2 Asymmetrical 1,5 oz Nylon

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