Christmas Day for the memory.

This Christmas post is to enable us to compare with next year! Where will we be? We don’t know yet… but it will  certainly be a good reminder of the easy life we had. On this post we want to record our day, so our memory will not fade. We decided to stay home and relax no stress. It was a family affair with no computer or cell phone allowed for the day (which can take some work in our family), one of those habit will change rather quickly once on route no doubt.

Our day started late with a continental breakfast and rather slowly around 10 am.

The temptation was too strong for some to wait so the presents were distributed. Using a sophisticated draw of name techniques, meaning somebody took the time to write on a piece of paper all the names of the family.

We took a little walk, under a light rain to work our appétit the temperature was a comfortable 6 degree Celsius. The clouds were low and the water cold not good for swimming.

We decided to respect some tradition and openned a bottle of Champagne for the aperitif. Dear parents we had a thought for you, and toasted to a great year.

This last picture was a must! Furthermore if we are underway next year we will not have the beautiful china on board and the silverware!… So we went all the way out and got the table set like we rarely do. A few days ago I got a really nice bottle of wine out of the cellar, and Thanks to my sister and her husband we enjoyed a 1999 Chateau La lagune. We had a full dinner with all the trimming and were in bed by 9 pm. The last part we know we can achieve while cruising.

The pere Noel was good with me and got me 6 bonus islands for Christmas to bring us to 308th Island.