The slow “torture”

On Saturday afternoon as the phone rang we were reminded kindly of what we were missing! Indeed, our friends are now down to Cabos and wanted to share with us a piece of sunshine via a phone call. It was really lovely of them, we spoke with everyone onboard, and virtually shared a glass of wine before they went to the pool…. In addition, they emphasized the beautiful colours in the water, the warm sunshine and all the hospitality they have encountered so far! It is the kind of phone conversation you love having albeit a feeling of pure “torture“…   And then again, we call it the “torture of the soul“, and on the flip side of the coin it is a good way to keep working hard towards our goal and making it more real in our eyes. So thank you for the call, keep them coming. Even if you play with our little brain, we do enjoy them thank you for thinking of us, we miss you too.

To remedy to this boat fever, only one cure : get on the boat and knock down some items from the to do list.

And our first task was the fridge door : It had previously failed dramatically to the dollar bill test. And after few weeks of running around town, I finally laid my hands on one of those seal at our good old HD. We are not too sure if it will sustain the environment of the sea but we will let you know… This product is an expendable foam tape and very easy to install. We kept the door openned for a couple of days, and it did expand quite a bit, we now have a well sealed door and the five dollar was holding on nicely to the grip! In the mean time I also installed the capillary where it should be and while I had my entire body in there I placed some sillicone around holes and pipe! I think we might be able to save some energy now…

On the next picture, every lagoon owner will be able to tell you there is an intruder in that one! An extra stool, has been added or should we say relocated. It was just to make room for our “crazy incredible fabulous” install!!!

Still pondering?


Finally, I went up the mast, but that will be another post due to the record breaking time. And with the bird’s view advantage, we could see why we had smelled diesel when we arrived and we saw the oily slick. No doubt we know where it comes from. Somebody is going to have some explaining to do at the marina on Monday, saddly it is a bad case of pollution…

Only one Solution for today talking about petrol pollution, let’s go visit for 265th The Guimaras oil spill is a massive oil spill in the Philippines that started on August 11, 2006. It is the worst oil spill ever in the history of the country.

The oil tanker M/T Solar 1, carrying more than two million liters of bunker fuel, sank on August 11, 2006 at the Guimaras Strait off the coast of the Guimaras and Negros Occidental provinces, causing some 500,000 liters of oil to pour into the strait. Siphoning the remaining 1.5 million liters from the sunken tanker, at a depth of more than 600 meters, was scheduled for MARCH 2007

It has been said that the recent oil spill which has now adversely affected marine sanctuaries and mangrove reserves in three out of five municipalities in Guimaras Island and reached the shores of Iloilo and Negros Occidental. The oil spill occurred in the Visayan Sea which is considered a rich fishing ground that supplies most of the fisheries demand for the entire country. (NDCC, August 2006)

Haribon sent its two biologists to Guimaras to rapidly assess the damage and talk to the affected communities regarding their immediate needs. Definitely Haribon will be providing assistance to the area particularly for the long-term rehabilitation of the area. Finally, the government has evacuated the affected families who have already been exposed to the toxic elements of the crude oil. According to reports gathered in the field, people have already contracted skin diseases.