Sail time, not sailing time.

With a sigh of relief, AIS has been confirmed to us and it is officially operational we have been seen on some display! Slowly and with determination we are approaching a new challenge and learning curve. A monthly recurrence in our household it seems…

On a technical point for the AIS, we have discovered that the coast guards can only see Class A and rely on another website to see the class B. Meanwhile, on a quick day sail with *M* we happily tethered a computer on board and therefore visualized our position with excitement! Additionally our friends in the marina re-confirmed to us, they were able to make contact and alarms were going full force. One more job to cross out from the “to do” list!

Would you believe it time is flying and with that Christmas is around! What better excuse can we find to get a present for Letitgo : A spinnaker it is. Since we don’t leave it up to Santa to bring it under the tree we went on a long learning quest of what’s out there and at what cost versus quality. This time around, it’s not so simple as identifying a product and finding the best price. Sail making is a trade involving a lot of knowledge and professionalism! As most of you may know not two lofts make the same sail, using the same materials and savoir faire…. Who to turn to?

The criteria we seem to be heading for is an Asymmetrical with 180% coverage of the forestay triangle. 1.5oz nylon from one of the big three, triple stitches with the ATN sock. We don’t have all the final quotes in thus so far we have prices ranging from $1512 to $4215.70. As you can notice it is quite the gap, and of course the cheaper ones are not the original ATN sock and some 160%. Hence we feel that the fair price seems to be around $2000 for a well made combination.

Now it all comes down to customer service : A definition of product and inspiration of seriousness of the loft we deal with. Another week of research and we shall be ready to make a decision.

When you think of it, we were worried that winter would be boring! Well, let me tell you between the blog posts from our friends visiting just to show off their tan… Keeping the family happy and our preparation schedule and all the errands; we are definitely well occupied!

Today to keep the rhymes we will visit two island numbers 280th and 281th. The Twin Islands are similarly shaped Arctic islands in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. They are located in central James Bay, 56 km (35 mi) north east of Akimiski Island, and 58 km (36 mi) west of Quebec. The group includes North Twin and South Twin islands.