AIS saga and a different vision of life.

Testing your equipment is crucial, and once again we are happy to prove it for you. After a “successful” installation of the AIS, the most recent visit was dedicated to tidy up the set-up and testing.

The Pro AIS software was hooked up and showed everything performing 100%, the three different websites were launched successfully but to our surprise none mentioned Letitgo. What?!!! Ok let’s see if the USCG can see us, they read us 5/5 on the VHF but don’t see us on any of their display. Great, did I purchase a receiver only?

After multiple e-mails to Raymarine support, and one hour talk only to discover that the gentleman on the other side admitted he didn’t know much about the brand new 650. At this point it was untimely decided that shipping it back and getting a new one was the only solution. In a way this is partially ok because we have time, imagine if we needed to leave the dock tomorrow?… The stress will be elevated, but for now I am just frustrated and I can deal with that.

Defender was very good at dealing with the problem and is sending the other one express. Let’s cross our finger that the unit was internally defective. We will keep you up to date on that one! and for the record *B* got a new phone. We are not pushing the button more than we can. He is a teenager after all and no networking ability is like “social suicide” apparently. I hear you can update status on Facebook via Pactor? nope and that is fine by us.

On a follow up from yesterday post, we were invited to a very private club for lunch today. Yes, from communal living peace and love to the “elite”, what a change of scenery! Needless to add, we know where our heart belongs, but exposing the next generation to all kind of situation is our idea of education.

The list of faux pas was e-mailed to us, no jeans no cell phones etc… The protocol was explained clearly, and we had a great lunch due to our hosts. We were at the antipodes of the cruising care free attitude, in fact we couldn’t be further away. As *E* would ask : “do you know how many well we could drill in Africa, for the cost of a membership like that?” Yes, Dear a lots. But this is not the same vision of life, a different story altogether.

What a great life we have, going from one side of the spectrum to the other in a matter of days, it keeps things in perspective indeed!

So let’s travel for Isla San Francisco, one of the great dining rooms you can share with friends. See you there *S&D*! We would love to have you on board.



We have received a great document with the picture of the majority of the anchorage in the sea of Cortez. If you like copies just e-mail us. Quietly we will count this for 4 Islands to ease my frustration.