Life is upside down and we are not talking catamaran here!

First and foremost September has definitely been a really hard month on us…. Hard to get back into a routine, hard to say good bye to our sailing summer and finally this past week gave us a rude awakening! It all started a few days ago and just went downhill from there,  hence the low postings you may or may not have noticed.

I feel it all went wrong after *V* very humoristically sent me this quote “The man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head anyway she wants.”  Consequently it has put my world into perspective and I have not been the same… Quite the reality choc isn’t it?

In fact more seriously, at work it has been a roller coaster in which we’ve tried to keep up with and then at home things have just been, well… breaking down…. First it was the dishwasher which was acting up, then the hot water tap decided to stop flowing from the kitchen tap. Yet, as you all know by now calling somebody to repair is not possible anymore, I am a man from Mars and I need to fix/repair! Particularly when the electrical fuse box starts making sparkles and starts smelling…. And then as if it all was not enough now, our brand new dishwasher doesn’t seem to fill up with water once connected! Basically at this point we are idle and can’t get ahead with the rest…

Time to reflect we guess! And in order to relax I take delivery of my Icom M802, it seems like a fairly straight forward install, plug it in, all is good. Although we can’t hear a thing, not even commercial. I am telling you it is a message from above,  we need to learn to take our time and reflect! Therefore, we called our local radio “guru” and hopefully get it all straight again… It is essentially why you haven’t read much on the blog lately, we have been too busy fixing and getting into the groove of things…. In the midst of all this I even took the time to kill (yes Kill) my Dremel while I was doing my last crazy incredible amazing install on the boat!! *wink to Livia and Carol*

Despite our little lessons of life we are now re-centred and ready to take on the task, meanwhile there is still lots of work, and we need to find promotion ideas for the next months to come…

In conclusion I will say that this saga is worth 8 islands, just for the stress we suffered! We will see you soon then, time to rest, breathe and reflect then!