Why so few posts?

Simply, as you might have guessed because we are on the water, enjoying our boat. A fairly simple answer indeed and the few pictures below will for sure prove to you that life is better outside, at the moment than inside in front of a computer screen.

Although know that we still take the time to work on our boat to make it better! And today we can officially declare that we are 100% LED. And as *C* had previously mentioned his interest in climbing up the mast, we could only oblige! Within a few minutes the bosun chair was out, and fitted to his size and he went up mid-mast to replace the deck light! Thank you *C* for making it happen.

During these week-ends, we also finally changed the gaz line and adapted it with regular fitting install so we should be able to find replacement hoses more easily! well, hopefully… We are happy to report that the fridge drain is cleaned, and also discovered that the length and lack of gradient is more the problem than blockage. In the process we woke up our neighbor on the dock…. Sorry *R* running a snake through a pipe at 1am was not the most considerate thing to do! He thought someone was up to no good on our boat….

*V* worked to repair some UV degraded stitches on the bimini and finish two hatches.

Not all pleasure after all, you still have to maintain the beast.


On another point *B* had always wanted to do it but was never around at the appropriate time. Wanting some peace and quiet we left the chair out waiting for him. *B* decided that the top was a great place and stayed up there for a good 20 minutes in silence. Parents we have a solution for your teenager, but all good thing have an end and we had to bring him down before supper.

And now the true picture of a hard day at work, as you can *B* is the only one in the water!

Nothing more to add than, it’s magic and we would love for it to not stop.

For all this hard work I grant myself 8 Islands, summer is too short see you for island 200th soon.