Why so few posts?

Simply, as you might have guessed because we are on the water, enjoying our boat. A fairly simple answer indeed and the few pictures below will for sure prove to you that life is better outside, at the moment than inside in front of a computer screen. Although know that we still take the time […]

I must confess…

I didn’t write about it before,  but we had or more precisely I had an “incident” during our trip. Around 5 hours into our ocean cruise,  as I was carrying the generator I lost balance on the wet fiberglass… Can you see the scenario? I basically crunched my rib cage with my whole weight on […]

Expense for July.

A little late but here you go, the cheapest month ever. Could that be the solution? Use your boat and go far from the dock. We had fuel/food expenses and very little docking fee but this was part of our vacation budget more than the boat one (budget that is) ….really! One thing we were […]

And more to tell..

Just realized this morning that we our site was hacked, indeed some people have different goals in life. Our blog is sooo important… We’ve been really relaxed during our last few days of the trip, and we didn’t write anything but please bare with us there is still lots to tell!  On our return we […]

26 hours at sea…

Our first experience ever, kissing the ocean swells! Indeed a moment of truth, will we be able to do it? Will we be able to sustain the dark watch? Will sea sickness render us un-operational? Happily we can report back that none of the above invaded us nor took over our brain during this trip […]