A day to remember: we fall in love! And that’s not with one another other…

We are starting the week with another escapade; few days of relaxation (so we are hoping); we are the three of us onboard, the weather seems decent, flip flops are on, and we have some wind to start our first tack. *V* at the helm mentions that she would like to change our heading to avoid all those boats ahead in the commercial lane, which gives me enough time to take the binocular out and scan the horizon. Indeed before our astonished eyes there was a whale watching convention, in other words when you are by the coast line find the tourist boats and if you are lucky they are following the whales!

Good fortune was definitely with us that day for we were able to sail quietly for a good five hours along multiple pods of Orcas. It was a majestic moment revealing before our eyes the beauty and secrets of marine nature! *V* fell in love and was ecstatic, it had been a long time since I had seen her showing such emotions. Well, let me think, since we first met really, just kidding! There was an Orca of a 100 years old and a just new born from the previous week. We saw them breaching, playing and moving fast in the water. At one point we were more than 20 boats, under the watchful eye of the Whale education patrol. Those mammals are truly amazing, their playful side is contagious and the power they show swimming is admirable.

During the five hours nonstop of show, one thing we observed is that they swim really close to shore. Where are you *K* when we need you to explain all their behaviour?

Of course the day we need the camera to capture the wonders of nature, I forgot the rechargeable battery at home in the charger. So you will have to content yourself with Iphone quality picture and no close up sorry. It will reside in our memories for a long time, and I am sure will get better with age.

HD quality of the orca

So this leaves one of us falling in love, knowing that our teenager son is in love with himself like most of them, what/who did I fall in love with? My solar panel output, (of course it had to be something mechanical!!!Come on) this blinking remote display showing the voltage and the ampere coming in. Even in mediocre conditions around here we are able to keep the battery fully charged with everything in use. I will have some more numbers for you soon. Ironically I simply can’t wait to have the battery discharged and a full day of sun, even in PNW we can generate amps from the sun. In South Pacific I don’t want to know.

Next morning up early after a very good sleep, and here are some numbers for some of you. We have 470 W with MPPT direct to the battery number 8 cable mounted flat. We would normally stand at 12.2-12.3 Volt depending on consumption the evening before and would have to run the generator for two hours, to the delight of the purist.

On this cloudy morning, yes I am in love can you tell.

6AM         sunrise 12.5 Volt 1.1 Amp Bulk

6.3AM     first ray 12.6volt 4.5Amp Bulk

7PAM        13volt 6.5 Amp Bulk

730AM    13.1 3.0 Amp Bulk

1000AM    13.2 22 Amp full sun

Noon         13.4 10 Amp heavy cloud

1pm        12.9 30 Amp Sunny Yes we saw 30 Amp on the display.

During the afternoon the PV kept the battery on float, with the inverter on for computer recharge. And for the next two days we have never been under 12.5Volt. with no energy police for consumption. I am in love, thank you solar panel.

Lets’ travel to your 163rd island, an concept worth checking out Solar island.


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  1. Very cool. Also, I wrote down that book (So we sold our house…). Looks like a fun read.

    We’re off to SF!

  2. SF are you crazy, I heard they have sun wine and good sailing that dangerous you are going to die….. LOL

    We don’t blame you, at the rate we are going, we better install a furnace in mid July. Where is global warming when we need it. Enjoy the ride.

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